International, non-government organizations

With the highest level of transparency and objectivity of information about any country in general, including Ukraine, you can find and learn from non-government organizations. Below you can find a list of the most important and most trusted of them. Explore reports & more.

The United Nations

Amnesty International

Transparency International

Human Rights Watch

Freedom House

high-authority news resources

If you want to know what is really going on in Ukraine, do not hesitate, try to find 2-3 resources with a different opinion for the same event. Here are the most-popular and high-authority news websites from around the World. The list could be extended much more and it doesn’t mean that all other news websites are fake and 100% subjective. Keep calm and do not rush with any conclusions!

Deutsche Welle



National Public Radio

The Guardian


The Washington Post


Al Jazeera

The Daily Telegraph

The New York Times

The Economist

CBS News


The Associated Press

Democracy Now!


What do you know about public trust and transparency of information from Ukrainian government resources? Should you trust official government resources or not? Any government will not clearly show the objective picture of real facts not suitable for them. The citizens of Ukraine are the nation who trust in the government the least in the post-Soviet region. By the way, it’s essential to get the official point and know what vertical does government choose.